Kitchen Remodel

​As one of the premier kitchen remodeling contractors in the Annapolis & Maryland area, we bring our many years of experience installing all of the features of your dream kitchen. Re-imagining your space can be as simple as replacing your existing counter with granite counter-tops, quartz counter-tops or marble counter-tops, putting up modern cabinets, or installing under cabinet lighting for better viewing for the chefs in your home.

There are lots of bigger ideas to explore: Custom kitchen islands can make meal preparation easier, with a custom sink. Looking at kitchen flooring options can make your kitchen open and inviting or warmer, or even bring a large space closer. We also create custom kitchen cabinets with many options, including Amish cabinetry, frameless cabinets, and will install the cabinet system of your choice – whether you’re looking for glass doors, kitchen carousels, self-closing drawers, or even minor improvements like soft close cabinet hinges.

Kitchen remodeling is a great choice for older homes that are now outdated or houses that are suffering from dated design and wasted space. Our team also specializes in new construction, working with you to craft a room that is both efficiently functional and stylish. Upgrading cabinets and countertops also provides additional value to your house that can boost your resale value later, and by adding under counter lighting, you’ll see more of your food prep for better precision. Kitchen remodels also increase the manageability of the space by introducing surfaces that are naturally stain-resistant and scratch resistant like quartz and granite counters, or bring the distinction of marble counters.

Finding a creative kitchen re-modeler like our team at Tyco Construction is also helpful for crafting a kitchen that accurately reflects your personality and and needs. Meal prep can be much less stress with that perfectly placed island and added counter space. The proper flooring will stand the test of high traffic areas and messy spills that are bound to occur. A new back-splash can make wall splatter easier to clean up. And choosing the right materials and appliances mapped out in a way that fits your desires and limitations will make cooking a joy for everyone – from the kids to the elderly.

​Our team takes pride in planning and creating the perfect place for cooking, baking and entertaining that you and your guests will love. We know the types of kitchen remodeling Maryland families will enjoy for years to come!

Kitchen Remodeling Options

Curious about what we can do? Check out some of our options for kitchen remodeling. This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you’d like more information on our capabilities and vision just give us a call! Tyco Construction provides the #1 top rated kitchen remodeling in the Maryland area.
  • Appliance Replacement
  • Counter-top Installation
  • Custom Kitchen Flooring
  • Breakfast Bar Installation
  • Custom Cabinetry & Storage
  • Farmhouse Sinks
  • Butchers Blocks & Prep Areas
  • Kitchen Island Installation

Kitchen Remodel Projects